Blame It On the Boom Boom


Blame It On the Boom Boom

This man’s voice is so on it’s fucking insane. There is nothing he cannot sing, because he even does his own version of “Can’t You See” by the 70’s Marshall Tucker Band and is pretty damn spot on. Not only that, but he can sing soft romantic shit that nobody wants to listen to. Let’s face it, the only time the song applies to your personal life, you don’t want to listen to it because it makes you feel like shit. So let’s just stay to the partying, hard-core rock that all of the Black Stone Cherry fans can love. If you don’t like them, then grow some balls and understand what rock is. That’s really all I can even say about it. 

In regards to “Blame It On the Boom Boom” what human cannot relate to this. If you actually wake up in somebody else’s room, just blame it on the boom boom- whatever that means. Dude looked like he had a big dick: that’s now the “boom boom.” Had too much to drink and now you’re coyote ugly… that’s the boom boom talking. But either way, who doesn’t love a man who can sing, has a voice and some balls to prove it, and also will tell you what he wants? He is asking us ladies, please, just tell him if you’d like it in the “bedroom, the classroom, the back room, the last room.” Just tell him and he is willing to give you whatever you’d like. It’s a woman’s dream. Most men aren’t going to be like that, they are not going to ask you, and they aren’t going to tell you, “hey it’s okay, we will just blame it on something else the next morning.”

My advice, live to this song. Literally. Live the fuck out of this song. It should be your life story. 


Tune in Tuesday -Talk Dirty to Me


Talk Dirty to Me


Alright, this is nothing like the nice 80’s version of Talk Dirty to Me by Poison. Let’s face it, what girl doesn’t listen to the beginning of this song and mock the cute girl by putting on our best blow up doll face and repeat in our own sexy-dumb voice? “Jason?” Honestly though, this song is catchy. This song is a feel good song that you can rock your hips to, run on the tred to, or full out car jam. Two Chain: nah we won’t really suck your penis, but we do appreciate the fact that you think our vag is so wonderful you’ll buy us a pet. I’ll take a puppy. Thanks.

The bari and jazz feel of this song incorporates a great bass. And ladies, we all need that because when we get drunk and can’t dance (cause most ya’ll can’t) we need this. Rock when the bari plays and pretend you’re putting “lipstick stamps” on your man or ladies’ passport when you get home.