Movie Critic Monday – Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast

This movie is filled with beastiality.. But seriously, an evil witch put a spell on a prince whos like 10 years old becasue he wouldnt let a stranger into his house. HE WAS JUST LISTENING TO HIS DAMN PARENTS! STRANGER DANGER MOTHER FUCKER!

Why do I love this movie? Because of this, right here







Movie Critic Monday – Tangled


Okay, this is honestly one of my favorite Disney movies. Ever. But that hot guy who makes a deal with you because he wants money, isn’t trustworthy. He wont fall in love with you. After Rapunzel realized that shes the lost princess, she married the first guy she ever met. I mean, shes never talked to anyone in 18 fucking years and it just so happens that the first person she talks to is a super hot guy who wants money, so he marries her. Gold digging bastard.

But, here’s why I love this movie with all of my heart and more:

-Rapunzel has never had and self defense classes and yet she knocked Flynn out with a frying pan. Props to you girl!

-Rapunzel see’s right through “the smolder”

-Rapunzel risked her life for Flynn, adorable.

-She uses her birthday as an excuse for Flynn and Maximus to get along.

-She kills mother gothel, actually Pascal does. Such a bad ass

-Ohh and i didn’t even mention how much I love Pascal. Best. Sidekick. Ever.