Let talk about love.


Okay, this is going to be a long post, so bear with me here!

I recently started dating this guy, but before i tell you about it let me tell you about how we met and before we started dating.

I won’t be tell you his real name, but we will call him John. So John and I went to high school together. His senior year (my junior year) we had two classes together and sat next to each other in both classes. We were always friends and talked when we could. We never hung out outside of school because i knew he liked me, like a lot. I didn’t think it was weird but i didn’t want to give him the wrong impression by hanging out all the time. We hung out once and it was a little awkward because i knew he liked me. Whatever. We didn’t hang out since then. We never stopped talking thought. we texted each other all the time and could hold a conversation for hours. Every once in a while he would drunk text me and tell me hes in love with me. I always ignored it.

Then, in April, I asked him to come to Summerfest (a music festival) with me. It’s been a few years since we hung out last and i figured it wouldn’t be awkward. Hold on, let me jump back a bit. John joined the army 2 years ago. The whole time we’ve been talking he has been in Georgia. He was able to come with me because he was on leave for 2 weeks. Anyways, we decided to do all this other stuff when he came home.

The first day he got home, he came over. I was excited to see him but I didn’t think i would be THAT excited. We were always great friends, but i have never liked him like that. Seriously, the whole two weeks that he was home, we spent almost every night together. 14 days. He was home for 14 days and we were together for 10 of them. The last week we spent every single day together. It was the best time ever. He tried to kiss me a few times and i pulled away because i knew it would complicate things. Then one day i let him kiss me. And that instant i knew i liked him. A few days later we had sex. Two days after that he left to go back to Georgia. As he was driving away, I knew i was in love with him.

Two weeks. It took me two weeks to fall for a guy who has liked me for four years.

He is everything i’ve ever wanted and more! We are planning on getting married in December when he comes home. I have the ring picked out and everything. I have never felt this way about someone, ever!



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