Thirst Thursday – Sebastian Stan


This is The beautiful Sebastian Stan. He should be your new favorite person.

images (9)


I’ll give you a little bit of his background before you continue to have your ovaries explode.


Sebastian was born in Romania on August 13, 1982. At age 12 he moved to the U.S. with his mom because she married the headmaster of a private academy. Sebastian was accepted into Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts, that’s when he decided to take acting seriously.

He has had many different parts in TV shows and movies, but his biggest (and best) role is Bucky Barnes in Captain America 1 & 2.


There, now that you know about him you can continue to stare at his beautiful face.



He is adorable is every way possible.




And that lip bite. DAMN.




Here’s another for good measure. UNF!




Not to mention the thing he does with his tongue here.




Look at dat body! My vagina can’t even handle it right now.




*Ovaries explode*




AND he looks good in uniform. Have all of my babies please.







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