My mom’s an idiot


Oh my mother fucking god. My mom is so fucking annoying. I brought over a bunch of my old clothes for her to look through and she’s acting likes she’s never seen clothes before. And then she has to make a comment on EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN SHIRT! “Ohh this is so cute but it won’t fit me.” Fucking try them on! Do you not know how to look through clothes or do I need to help you through it.
Step one: look at it and see if you like it.
Step two: DO NOT LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE PANTS. Most times they will fit you if they fit or used to fit me.
Step three: now you can try on the ones you were unsure about
Step four: shut the fuck up and appreciate that your daughter is giving you her clothes.
Step five: give me the $400 that you owe me since you screwed me over on my fucking taxes.

Seriously, she is the worst.



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