Yes, I am just gonna sit here and bitch about my grandma for a bit. You all probably think I’m a terrible person for doing so but I don’t give a shit.

Every single time I go to her house she will ask me if what I’m wearing is new. And every single time I say no. She’s seen all the clothes I have because I used to live with her for 9 months. Just because I like to go shopping doesn’t mean I do it 24/7. I have bills to pay and I understand that I can’t spend my money on random stuff all the time. Also, who the fuck cares if I bought a new dress? It’s not your money that I’m spending,  it’s mine.

Oh and today, she bitches at me for wearing a dress when it’s 60 some degrees outside. 1, we live in Wisconsin so 60 degrees is a damn heat wave. 2, just cause you’re cold doesn’t mean I am. 3, WHO CARES!?



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