Alright. This one got me a little bit pissed off. My roommate has been talking to this dude for a month maybe now. He seems like such a chill dude and pretty cool and whatever. They have made out and potentially fooled around a little, but no sex.

So the other day this douche-bag asks her if they can hang out once they get back from spring break. She agrees and says they can chill and just watch movies. This man has the audacity to ask her “just watch movies…. are you on your period or something?”

It gets worse.

After she said no, he then asks, “well are you pregnant?” And he thought it was a funny joke.

What in your god damn right mind makes you think that that is something that you can ever even come close to asking a girl? What in the.. I cannot even express the built up anger I have towards this right now. It is not ok to ask someone that. And why the absolute fuck does it matter if she is? SHE JUST WANTS TO WATCH MOVIES DICKHEAD. I am actually fuming right now. I am actually so upset I think I could break something. I don’t understand why I guy would ask that. Especially if they aren’t dating, nor have they had sex, nor have they really fooled around enough that he should be wanting to fool around again. Men have no sense of what is and isn’t ok to say.

The next time I see this mother fucker I definitely am asking him “well, are you just always this soft or something?”



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