Old ladies at restaurants


Old ladies are the worst when they go out to eat. They seriously should not be allowed to go out to eat without someone who’s 40 or younger. I’m not kidding. They will find the tiniest thing to bitch about.

“The music is too loud.” Or “I didn’t get enough fries..” if you want to come back here and make 10 extra fries be my guest, otherwise shut the fuck up and enjoy your goddamn meal.

Another thing I hate about them is that they tip like shit. Thank you so much for the $1 tip on a $25 bill. I really fucking appreciate it! I hope you realize that waitresses live off of their damn tips. That $1 will not help me pay my rent, or my electric bill, or even dinner (unless I do the dollar menu somewhere..). So if you are going to bitch to me about the little fucking things you can leave.



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