Free Food for All


Here is my wipe out Wednesday. I went on a date once with one of the cooks from my work. I very well knew that he was older than me…. but what I didn’t know was that he was 32 and had a nine year old son. Cool dude. Cool. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure we were both late for our date, the movie had already started, we were basically the only two people there, I paid. (I fucking paid) and then at the end of the movie, we left and he grabbed my arm and kissed me. He was not a good kisser. The next day I had great sex with my 18 year old fuck buddy. I rather go young and sexy than old and… well not. I found out the guy was still seeing his girlfriend. But she was cheating on him? Needless to say, he makes me free food at work and I make him believe that it was a great date. Dude, who the fuck don’t like free food?



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