Chatroulette: The New Online Dating Site?


So, i have a fun story to share with you guys.

Last night i drunkenly went on Chatroulette. And when i say drunkenly, i mean i was kind of buzzed and had a bad night because the date i went on kind of turned to shit. Anyways, I went on there to talk to random people that I would never have to see ever again. Besides all the dicks that you come across (literally and figuratively) its actually kind of a fun thing to do.

So, I was about to just give up and go to bed because there was no one interesting to talk to at 11PM on a Saturday night. Then, I ran into this guy. I honestly almost nexted him but I didn’t. And I am so fucking happy i didn’t cause we talked for 3-4 hours about the most random shit and it was the best time ever.

I really feel like I’ve met more cool people on Chatroulette then I have on OKCupid. Yes, I do have an OKCupid account. Judge me, don’t care. Anyways, back on topic. This guy I was talking to, i seriously don’t think I’ve ever had anything more in common with a guy. Ever. Now, im not saying we are gonna elope to Disney World and have Starbucks cater our wedding. Although I really wouldn’t be opposed to that. But seriously, he is the nicest, sweetest guy ever. And he really knows how to give a good compliment.

Moral of this story? Chatroulette is definitely the new dating website. There’s no bullshit, no fake pictures, you know who you are talking to, if you don’t like them you can next them and never see them ever again. It’s perfect. And sometimes it just so happens that you might not live too far away from that perfect person you’ve been looking for your whole life.



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