A rant about periods…


Okay, i got my period the other day and i just need to bitch about the fact that girls get periods. It’s so not fair that girls get punished like this every month for not getting preggo. Can’t we get a present every month, or money or something? I mean, come on! Just because some of us girls don’t strive to be on Teen Mom doesn’t mean we should bleed out of our vaginas for a week..

Another thing that pisses me off about periods is bloating, cramps, and eating your weight in food. Why do we have to look and feel like we are pregnant when we aren’t? How is it possible to eat a whole large Papa Johns pizza in one sitting and then wake up in the morning and have pizza for breakfast? I may or may not have just done that..

You wanna wear cute underwear? Tough shit. You wanna wear a skirt or dress? You’re gonna have to wait a week. Sweatpants are your new best friend for the next week and you better enjoy it!




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