Mind if I Comb Over


Yes. Yes we do.  Not sure how many times we have to say it, and not sure how many more uncomfortable texts we need to send you before you understand that….. hmm maybe this girl actually doesn’t want me to come over. Sometimes we try to be nice. Sometimes we sit there and think “god how the hell can I be nice to this person but still get them to leave me the fuck alone?” It’s an age-old question.  Boys and girls both. Like we need to come up with a code as a generation that says “hey, I think you’re chill, and maybe have like a dead hamster in your room. that’s cool, but I really rather just be by myself and sit in my sweats and not see you. but ah, good luck with life”

Ok. maybe that was harsh and not everyone is like that, but come on. There are no polite ways to say, I actually just want to be by myself and fart in private or hang with my friends and eat pizza. In fact, we might have other plans, we might be going somewhere and do not want to see you. at all. please, don’t make this more painful than it needs to be. if you get the text saying “nah I’m not feeling it tonight”, that gives you one chance to reply “are you sure?” and after that whatever they say is rule. THAT’S IT. Don’t push it. Go feed your hamster.




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