can i get a grade for working out too professor


At the gym today I am riding on the bike thinking, holy hell I need to lay off the whiskey and the cheese. Ha, let’s be honest that’s never going to happen. But can I just rant for a second here that I hate working out when people next to me are working out AND doing homework at the same time? Like sweetheart, your life is not that busy that you need to do both. I am trying to relax, get my adrenaline pumping, and sweat out the toxins that I will consume all over again in about two days. 

Take a break will ya?

I mean do you look at your flash cards when you are getting your business on?

-“oh baby…yea… ehhh…so close, oh my…”

-“yea baby you ready?”

– actually no can you hold on a second I really don’t understand how relative motion works. 

These people probably had like, five hours of class today too. No, this is the time you hate your life for about 45 minutes and listen to Beyonce and realize you don’t understand what she means when she says “riding with my surfboard”. Please, you are making me stress out that I am not living up to my full potential combining school and working out. 

Ladies, just take a break, turn on the Pandora, and admire the studs in the gym. Thanks



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