Blame It On the Boom Boom


Blame It On the Boom Boom

This man’s voice is so on it’s fucking insane. There is nothing he cannot sing, because he even does his own version of “Can’t You See” by the 70’s Marshall Tucker Band and is pretty damn spot on. Not only that, but he can sing soft romantic shit that nobody wants to listen to. Let’s face it, the only time the song applies to your personal life, you don’t want to listen to it because it makes you feel like shit. So let’s just stay to the partying, hard-core rock that all of the Black Stone Cherry fans can love. If you don’t like them, then grow some balls and understand what rock is. That’s really all I can even say about it. 

In regards to “Blame It On the Boom Boom” what human cannot relate to this. If you actually wake up in somebody else’s room, just blame it on the boom boom- whatever that means. Dude looked like he had a big dick: that’s now the “boom boom.” Had too much to drink and now you’re coyote ugly… that’s the boom boom talking. But either way, who doesn’t love a man who can sing, has a voice and some balls to prove it, and also will tell you what he wants? He is asking us ladies, please, just tell him if you’d like it in the “bedroom, the classroom, the back room, the last room.” Just tell him and he is willing to give you whatever you’d like. It’s a woman’s dream. Most men aren’t going to be like that, they are not going to ask you, and they aren’t going to tell you, “hey it’s okay, we will just blame it on something else the next morning.”

My advice, live to this song. Literally. Live the fuck out of this song. It should be your life story. 


Kid at Heart


How many of you are still a kid at heart? If you said no, you’re a liar.

Seriously though, why is it so wrong to chase after the ice cream truck, or color, or swing on swings? Just because little kids do that stuff, doesn’t mean us “grown ups” can’t. Hell, I still get coloring books for Christmas!

Is it so wrong that i’d rather play at the park than get wasted every night? Or play night games than smoke weed? No, i don’t think it is.

So if you ever get judged for “acting like a little kid”, you walk up to that person while wearing your footie pajamas and punch them in the throat because they obviously don’t know how to have fun. And after you do that, go grab your baby blankie, sit in your fort, and play Candyland like a big kid!



Nothing feels as good as a shower beer and pink flloyd playing in the background. Especially when your ex-boyfriend pays for the water bill.



Johnny Depp



Does this man age, ever?  Probably not. He is 50 years old, going on 51 come June and still looks fantastic. Anyone who doesn’t find this man to be something of true beauty is wrong. If you’re a dude and you don’t like how he looks, understandable. But please understand that his French model girlfriend, and the many other beautiful women he has been with should be an inspiration to you. Plus, he was a pirate. Why the fuck would you not idolize that? duh. He also can pull off a mustache. No man can do that. Ever.

He has been in so many movies we can’t even keep track, he is a winemaker and restaurateur, edits books, has played guitar for countless artists like McCartney, Oasis, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers… just to name a few.

Depp has around 13 tattoos, including one that says “Lily-Rose” (his daughter’s name) over his heart.

For our first and ageless Thirsty Thursday, we would love to sit with Mr. Depp and listen to him play guitar at his co-owned French restaurant-bar and sip on the actor’s favorite drink: blueberry & ginger bourbon sour. The man has a creative and unusual style. Just one of his many upsides.

Image   Drink up ladies.


What if everyone actually has the same blood type and doctors made up different types so more people would give blood?


Fuck Buddies


Theres two types of people in this world: People who have fuck buddies, and liars.

Im here to tell you all about my fuck buddy and how much of a dick he can be.

I mean, the whole point of having a fuck buddy is to have sex and then leave, no strings attached. But when he doesn’t even have the decency to let me finish..? That’s some serious bullshit.

Me and him do have a history, we dated, broke up, became fuck buddies, he started liking me again, and now we are back to being fuck buddies. I do have to admit, im a fantastic fuck buddy. He comes over, we fuck, I make him food, listen to his problems and give him advice and then he leaves. But what do i get? I don’t even finish and yet i do all of that for him? bullshit.



A rant about periods…


Okay, i got my period the other day and i just need to bitch about the fact that girls get periods. It’s so not fair that girls get punished like this every month for not getting preggo. Can’t we get a present every month, or money or something? I mean, come on! Just because some of us girls don’t strive to be on Teen Mom doesn’t mean we should bleed out of our vaginas for a week..

Another thing that pisses me off about periods is bloating, cramps, and eating your weight in food. Why do we have to look and feel like we are pregnant when we aren’t? How is it possible to eat a whole large Papa Johns pizza in one sitting and then wake up in the morning and have pizza for breakfast? I may or may not have just done that..

You wanna wear cute underwear? Tough shit. You wanna wear a skirt or dress? You’re gonna have to wait a week. Sweatpants are your new best friend for the next week and you better enjoy it!