I fell in a hole for a long time


I just don’t lead that interesting of a life. Well, that’s not true, but Arianna has a potential proposal!?!?!?! I mean what beats that? I just take long romantic walks to my fridge. That’s my love life. And it’s awesome. Seriously, be single, be in a relationship, be whatever makes you happiest. End of story. Hopefully I’ll be on here again soon, but probably will find another hole. Idk. I’m trying to stay away from those. People should put up fucking signs or something.





You guys! I think my boyfriend is planning on proposing to me when he comes home for thanksgiving!! OHMYFUCKINGGOD!

Let talk about love.


Okay, this is going to be a long post, so bear with me here!

I recently started dating this guy, but before i tell you about it let me tell you about how we met and before we started dating.

I won’t be tell you his real name, but we will call him John. So John and I went to high school together. His senior year (my junior year) we had two classes together and sat next to each other in both classes. We were always friends and talked when we could. We never hung out outside of school because i knew he liked me, like a lot. I didn’t think it was weird but i didn’t want to give him the wrong impression by hanging out all the time. We hung out once and it was a little awkward because i knew he liked me. Whatever. We didn’t hang out since then. We never stopped talking thought. we texted each other all the time and could hold a conversation for hours. Every once in a while he would drunk text me and tell me hes in love with me. I always ignored it.

Then, in April, I asked him to come to Summerfest (a music festival) with me. It’s been a few years since we hung out last and i figured it wouldn’t be awkward. Hold on, let me jump back a bit. John joined the army 2 years ago. The whole time we’ve been talking he has been in Georgia. He was able to come with me because he was on leave for 2 weeks. Anyways, we decided to do all this other stuff when he came home.

The first day he got home, he came over. I was excited to see him but I didn’t think i would be THAT excited. We were always great friends, but i have never liked him like that. Seriously, the whole two weeks that he was home, we spent almost every night together. 14 days. He was home for 14 days and we were together for 10 of them. The last week we spent every single day together. It was the best time ever. He tried to kiss me a few times and i pulled away because i knew it would complicate things. Then one day i let him kiss me. And that instant i knew i liked him. A few days later we had sex. Two days after that he left to go back to Georgia. As he was driving away, I knew i was in love with him.

Two weeks. It took me two weeks to fall for a guy who has liked me for four years.

He is everything i’ve ever wanted and more! We are planning on getting married in December when he comes home. I have the ring picked out and everything. I have never felt this way about someone, ever!



Is it weird that i just want to move to a small town down south where everyone knows everyone and they have random parades and festivals and shit?

I hate my manager


So yesterday I got in a car accident and almost flipped my car.. I called and texted my manager 3 times and she didn’t respond until fucking 1:15am. What the fuck is this bullshit. When I explained what happened she responded by saying “it’s me and my bfs 5 year anniversary I’m not coming in.” Well fuck you too bitch


Probably the most offensive post ever


WARNING! If you are religious and get offended easily, DO NOT READ THIS. This is me just venting about my ex boyfriend and how hypocritical he was when it came to religion.

So, the reason me and my ex broke up was because one of his friends made a very rude comment about gay people and it pissed me the fuck off. She basically called gay people not normal.
Now let me get this straight, jesus says to love everyone regardless of race, gender, and blah blah blah.  Yet gay marriage isn’t allowed? How fucking hypocritical is that!? And these people are bashing gays even though they should accept them.

My ex (who is the most religious person ive ever met) literally broke up with me because I support gay marriage and didn’t want to go to church with him. Why the hell would I want to go sit in a church for 2 hours and listen to these people be so hypocritical?
If you are going to listen to everything the bible says, then stoning women is okay. Selling your daughter to slavery is okay. But you can’t wear clothing that has two different types of thread in it, no sex before marriage, you can’t support gay marriage, but love everyone else.

WHAT!? this makes no sense.

My ex was the biggest hypocrite. He said that you shouldn’t stone women or sell your daughter to slavery because it’s wrong. But two people who love each other can’t get married?
The bible is Fucking bullshit. Like, straight up bullshit and I want to burn it. 
No, I don’t believe in god, or heaven and hell. I don’t believe there is an afterlife.  I have to see it to believe it.

So yeah, rants over. You can hate me or love me for this, I don’t really give a fuck.


Top 10 Hottest u.s. soccer players


Since the world cup is going on right now, i thought i’d take time out of my busy schedule to stare at pictures of hot guys. I know, I know, i’m so generous to make this list for all you. Some of you may disagree with this, but it is my opinion who the hottest players are. So suck it up and enjoy!



#10 Julian Green

369094 julian-green-3


Julian recently had a birthday, June 6th, and turned 19 years old! He is only 19 and is on the U.S. soccer team! Hot damn! The reason i put him the lowest on the list is cause he is still a little baby in my eyes. All the other players are in their late 20s to early 30s. But that’s the reason he made this list, he 19! Plus, who could resist that cute baby face of his!?



#9 Matt Besler

367433 125adf9a-bd25-4319-bdc5-1487c48a684d-460x276 (1)

Matt is a Defender for the U.S. soccer team. He is 27 years old and unfortunately has a fiance.. Just imagine him being that excited after going on a date with you! We all know we’d be that excited.



#8 Omar Gonzalez

234405 2012 MLS Cup - Houston Dynamo v Los Angeles Galaxy

Omar is another defender for the team. He’s 25 years old and is as single as they come! He may be tall and skinny (6′ 5″) but that never stopped me (only 5′ 5″), or anyone, from getting their flirt on.



#7 Michael Bradley

233531 Michael Bradley

I really feel like Michael is the strong, silent type. Seriously, Google him. There’s like one picture of him semi-smiling. He is 26 years old, plays midfield, and is married. But we all know he’d be fantastic in bed.



#6 Clint Dempsey

207851 clint-dempsey-tattoos-knoiu8w9

Clint is 31 years old, plays forward, has 3 kids, and is probably the hottest dad (next to David Beckham of course). His tattoos are super hot and you can just tell that he’s hilarious. What more could you want!?



#5 John Brooks

373555 JA-Brooks-Hertha-Berlin

John is only 21 years old. making him one of the youngest players on the team. He plays defender, and apparently is VERY good at it.



#4 Chris Wondolowski

339508 Chris+Wondolowski+San+Jose+Earthquakes+v+Seattle+JCjJfxfgQT2l

Chris is 31 years old, plays forward, is married, and placed fourth because he doesn’t have tattoos.



#3 Tim Howard

178420 11122013094950

This gorgeous man plays goalie and has the hottest tattoos. Pretty sure that’s all i have to say about that.



#2 Fabian Johnson

311174 FabianJohnsonHoffenheim3-BILD


Tattoos! God I love tattoos. Fabian is 26 years old and plays defender. You just know he could lift you up as easily as he does with that ball. Damn.



Annnnnnd… the number one spot goes to…

Geoff Cameron

321971 Geoff Cameron

Hot dayum! He is 28 years old and plays defender.



Imagine the things he could do to you with that tongue.




That jaw line tho..


Geoff Cameron

Look how excited he gets when it snows. which is a very good thing casue im gonna kidnap him and hes gonna have to get used to the snow in Wisco.